Thursday, June 26, 2008


(That's Spanish for 'Annoucements'. Or 'Commercials' :))

Due to unforseen circumstances we won't be able to assist the Couleur Café festival in Brussels. We were dying to see Cuban salsa stars Los Van Van live, and the concerts of Belgian band Arsenal and zouk orchestra Kassav' were two great bonuses. But for maximum festival coverage I direct you to the always excellent Dutch-language world music blog Tropicalidad.

Chapín is off to the USA for a month of road trippin' next week. But thanks to Blogger's nifty new auto-post system you won't fall without music this time. Also, El Guïri will shine his light on two great album releases - so keep following La Onda during the summer holidays!

PS: Still no Arcangel album here, and I'm leaving tomorrow, so I'm afraid the review won't be ready until August.