Tuesday, June 24, 2008

En La Misma Onda

The succesful reggaeton duo Jowell y Randy is working on solo albums, though they will 'keep working together in the future'. Randy's album is almost finished and will be called Romances De Nota - ewwwww. I guess that's bye-bye to party tunes like "No Te Veo"... (via BlogReggaeton)

Club Fonograma shine their light on the upcoming Latin Grammys. A mammoth task, considering the amount of categories and subdivisions at the Grammys. Here's what they've reviewed so far: Tropical (what a bummer that there's no Merengue category this year), Regional Mexican and Flamenco & Latin Jazz

And to prove that there's still loads of quality merengue out there, even without a Grammy category, CorrienteLatina has an excellent merengue mixtape with tracks of Dominican bands Oro Sólido, Coco Band, Josie Esteban and La Mákina.

Masala has an excellent half hour of cumbia nueva in this week's podcast. They also have all the info on the brand new Bersa Discos v2 vinyl. The San Francisco-based label's second EP has some great rebajadas from DJ Negro (listen on their myspace).

More hipster cumbia - here's a mixtape from El Hijo De La Cumbia. It's become a very eclectic mix with some dub and drum&bass, lots of rebajadas and creepy bleeps & blips. Interesting to say the least! (via Fat Planet)

SoundRoots reviews Sonidos Gold, the latest installment of Austin 'latin funk orchestra' Grupo Fantasma. They call it 'tracks that go great with summertime and sweat', and I have nothing to add to that!

Neil says this week's Ritmo Latino podcast is 'the best episode of 2008'. With tracks from Café Tacuba, Babasonicos Zoe and La Casa Azul you can't prove him wrong!