Thursday, April 05, 2007

En La Misma Onda

A collection of latin links from around the blogosphere.

-About Latin Music is wild about Venezuelan salsero Victor Hugo.

-IndieLondon loves the musical testament of Ibrahim Ferrer just as much as we do. Another review here, in Dutch from

-Slant Magazine dislikes Jennifer Lopez just as much as we do. Not surprisingly, album sales are not as expected.

-Latin Gossip rounds up the rumors in the reggaeton scene.

-The promising Afro-Peruvian band Novalima won an Independent Music Award for World Fusion. Crisol de Musicas has a great article (in Spanish) on them.

-More awards: electro-tango combo Gotan Project wins a BBC World Music Award in the 'Club Global' category. We're reviewing their latest album Lunatico here soon!

-SoundRoots puts flamenco rappers Ojos de Brujo in their World Music Top 10.

-More Ojos de Brujo: the band proves an excellent live reputation on FabChannel: their entire concert in Paradiso (Amsterdam) is was available online. Update: the rights have expired now, too bad if you missed the concert!


Jorge Rodríguez said...

muchas gracias amigos por el link.
un abrazo.

Chapín said...

¡de nada! sigue echandole fuego con tu podcast ;)

Stephen said...

Just putting some info on the Jennifer Lopez album. Billboard has posted about it. Actually saying it broke records. She is one of only 5 Spanish only albums to debut on ENGLISH Billboard 200 top 10. She also landed #1 on Billboard Latin charts.
Mexico #5
Switzerland #1
Italy #2
Spain #2
Germany #4
Europe #3
#9 on World Music Album Chart

I don't think i would call it a flop.

Chapín said...

Hi stephen, thanks for your comment!
I read that as well, and I was even thinking of adjusting my post. However there are other factors that put above sales numbers into perspective:

-She sold 49,452 copies, which is NOT much for an album with such an extensive marketing campaign.
-The #10 spot on Billboard is behind another Greatest Hits collection by Elton John.
-She is one of 5 Spanish only albums to debut on the English Billboard top 10, but in contrary to the other artists that could do that, she is famous with all of the USA public, not just latinos.
-Every new latin album lands on #1 in the Billboard Latin charts
-Her single, "Que Hiciste", is not even in the top 20 of most played latin songs on the radio, and hasn't reached higher than #15 on the Billboard Latin chart.

And you have to keep in mind that Billboard gave J-Lo a 4 star review ;)

So you're right, I shouldn't call it a flop. But not a success either!

Chapín said...

There's a well-nuanced Spanish article on Lopez' album sales here. It says "Todo depende del color del cristal con que se mira".

Stephen said...

Yea its not a flop, and not a tremendous success either. It did ok for what it was. Jennifer said she didnt care about sales or anything because she did it for herself and even financed it as well.

It is doing pretty well overseas for some reason. I dont understand how shes number 1 in Switzerland, lol