Thursday, April 19, 2007

Electronic: Moenia - Solar

Moenia Solar Alternative Latin Electronic Rock Electro Pop Elektro Eighties 80s Electronico Electronica Lo Que Tu Digas
No, it hasn't been easy for Moenia. Mexico just wasn't ready for experimental synthpop in 1992. They could only emerge from the underground electronic scene in 1997, with the nationwide success of single "No Puedo Estar Sin Ti". Ten years later Moenia is Latin America's most successful electronic band, with 10 remarkable albums in their catalog, including the first latin 'remix album' (Moenia Mixes), and a critically acclaimed tribute album to latino rock of the 80's and 90's (Stereo Hits).

Although inspired by European electro pioneers like Kraftwerk, their music is often compared to Depeche Mode and New Order. More so on their latest work, Solar: the occasional greasy guitar riff confirms the 80's electro-rock comparison. It's a dark album, not easily accessible, but very rewarding if you appreciate the genre. Lead vocalist Alfonso Pichardo recites the almost poetical lyrics with his morbid, somber voice, accompanied by bizarre synth sounds. Though essentialy, tracks like "Lo Que Tu Digas" and "Me Equivoqué" are structured like a solid pop song - verse, bridge, chorus, repeat, climax. Which make them sound hopeful, even optimistic, despite the gloomy music.

Solar lasts only 45 minutes, a wise decision: long enough to make an impact, and brief enough to keep our mood up. On our Best of 2007 list? I think so!

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