Monday, April 16, 2007

Electronic: Luz Mob - Luz Interpretations

Luz Mob - Luz Interpretations - Instrumental Latin Electronic Music Ska Cumbia Lounge Jazz
Luz Fleming, aka Luz Mob (sounds cooler, doesn't it?) was born and raised in San Francisco, but if I were to invent his biography myself, judging by his new (instrumental) album Luz Interpretations I'd say Frisco is just his current residence, the last stop after a long journey through the Carribean and Central-American area: it seems as if he had learned cumbia in Colombia, absorbed ska, dub and reggae in Jamaica and picked up some reggeaton here and there, before he finally added a jazzy electronic touch to all this in the United States. Sounds like a whole lotta styles!

Luz Mob may sound familiar to fans of the Cuban-English band Ska Cubano, with the difference that Luz is a lot more laid back. Nevertheless, "Luz Interpretations" is not just an album for laying back and smoking joints. In fact, it's also the perfect album for waking up and getting out of bed on the right side. Or, as a colleague on 3Hive described it so well: “Recommended for [...] the lazy days you call in "sick" to work and end up dancing all morning in your pajamas.” "The Selecter", for example, is a great cover of the 70's ska revival band of the same name. If this song won't make you want to joyfully move your feet, I assume you don't have any!

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And as an extra, enjoy the video of cumbia-esque "La Subienda" below.

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