Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pop: Estrella

Estrella - Tan Solo Tu - Soul Flamenco R&B Latin Pop
Estrella is a young pop artist from Sevilla with a great voice. She grew up hearing her mother sing flamenco, and now she tried to combine that with modern black music in an original way on her self-titled debut album. She describes it herself as 'soul flamenco', but to me there is an essential component of modern pop involved too. No doubt, her vocal performance is impressive, best compared to an Andalusian version of Christina Aguilera. The difference being: Estrella is a purely natural talent, she learned everything from listening to old flamenco records.

"Tan Solo Tú" is a sparkling, captivating song zigzagging between mainstream r&b pop and flamenco. We even hear some arabic elements here and there. Producer Erik Nilsson knows very well how to let his Estrella shine: keep arrangements modest, and let her voice stand out. For a conventional Spanish pop song, this is an innovating experience. We wish Estrella a bright future!

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