Sunday, April 15, 2007

Semana Electronica

April 16th - April 20th

There's one genre that has been shamelessly overlooked during the 22 months this blog has been running: electronic music. Considered indispensable for dancing, chilling or listening in most of the Western world, Latinos never really adopted the 'monotonous' white music. Top DJ's like Chilean Ricardo Villalobos had to move to Berlin before getting the attention their talent deserves. On the other hand, Western electronic artists embraced traditional latin elements, mixing them up with (mostly) loungy beats, to much success on countless compilations (Cafe del Mar, Putumayo,...).

During our special Semana Electronica (Electronic Week), we will present you 5 recent albums for your electronic enjoyment. It was hard to find artists with latino roots making latin electronic music, so you'll come across some foreigners with loads of southern influence in their music too. And we didn't include some obvious choices, like the aforementioned Villalobos, because their music has nothing to do with their origins. Be sure to come back regularly: we'll have new tracks up every day, and there's a contest coming up soon as well.

We hope you enjoy the discovery!


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