Friday, January 18, 2008


Next week a dear friend of mine is moving to Argentina for an indefinite time, and tonight tomorrow is probably the last time I'll see her. What better way to say goodbye than with beautiful music from her future homeland?

I know she loves Calle 13 and Don Omar more than anything else, but I haven't found any Argentinean reggaeton, ¡lo siento! But the first thing that pops into mind when thinking of Argentina is, of course, tango. "Sur" dates back from 1948, a classical tango masterpiece performed intimately and full of feeling by Andrés Calamaro (off Tinta Roja, 2006). I think it's about a loved one heading south, quite suitable no?

Gustavo Cerati - by far my favorite Argentine - has a touching farewell song as well. “Adiós” (of 2006's Ahi Vamos) is filled with wise words, and boasts that nostalgic feeling we all feel when thinking of someone far far away. So without much further ado, I say adíos to Josefina:

Del mismo dolor

vendrá un nuevo amanecer


Poder decir adiós

es crecer

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josefinita said...

Poder decir adiós
es crecer...
decir adios es tan dificil, como pedirle al silencio que grite un "te voy a extrañar amigo mio"!!!
gracias por todo!

Chapín said...


tot vanavond he josje!