Thursday, January 10, 2008

En La Misma Onda

Penelope Cruz Lesbian Kiss Sister Monica Video Eduardo Cosas Que Contar Latin Pop Rock Music
What do you do when you are a talentless singer in desperate need of YouTube exposure, and your sister is Penélope Cruz? On your new video, you make her kiss your other very hot sister, and dub porn vocals in Spanish. Sadly, all the lesbian action can't disguise that the song is utter crap - better luck next time, Eduardo Cruz! (via mun2)

Turn That Shit Off (a blog on all kinds of party music from Mexico City) has more videos, photos and mp3s regarding the Zizek cumbia movement we talked about this week (article). The other incarnations of 'new world music' he mentions are quite interesting as well. I do hope the promised 'Part II' will be posted - I'm anxious to read what he has to say on reggaeton, baile funk and speed merengue. (via Masala)

mun2 reports on the declining CD sales in latin music, and the steady uprise of legal downloads. According to the numbers I'm guessing they're talking about the US market, or else the artists are in some serious trouble.

Tropicalidad discovers Grupo Fantasma, a Texan salsa outfit that released (in their words) " far one of the best live albums in my collection". And their enthousiasm is justified - sample the highly energetic Comes Alive album on the Grupo Fantasma MySpace.

Captain's Crate has found another funky old latino LP, this time the obscure Phirpo y Los Caribes brings you rhythm & soul from 1973.

Another good place for timeless latin music is Nelson Guirado's Cubanocast. Nelson combined his love for pre-revolutionary Cuban songs with his interest in politics on a special series of posts recently: he selected an appropriate Cuban campaign song for every presidential candidate.

Do I still have to link to Ritmo Latino, or are you already tired of my endless praising of this always diverse, hip & surprising podcast and its spontaneous, often hilarious presenter? This week's show has some lesser-known reggaeton & hiphop I'm really liking!

We're in the paper! La Onda Tropical is mentioned in The Guardian as 'one of the best sites for free music', among Pitchfork, iTunes and Discobelle. Read the article and be sure to check out the other sites - especially the smaller blogs are really worth it!

(And to all the new readers who are wondering what this post is all about: in En La Misma Onda we link to articles on other blogs and websites we enjoyed reading lately. It's a kind of regular feature here, along with the Lost in MySpace posts that focus on newly discovered bands. Want more? Click the "links" or "myspace" tags below this post, or in the sidebar!)


pieter said...

congrats with your first paper appearance!

Happy In Bag said...

This post is a goldmine. Thanks!

turnthatshitoff said...

great, great blog my friend...

anwerpen is the shit, i loved it so much, and it makes me so happy to know people like you is over there and still have enough motivation to have a site like this one!

i'll be posting that second part sometime soon, thanks for the feed