Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pop/Rock: Le*Pop

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You'll agree with me that televised singing contests rarely result in the discovery of exceptional talent. I even tend to think the Star Academy's, Idols and Eurovisions of this world are the last twitches of a marketing machine doomed to go down with the rise of the internet. MTV Latin America (a channel where you can watch music videos sometimes - in contrary to European MTV) had a similar contest, but more internet-oriented: on LaZona.com bands could post a profile with mp3s, and votes from registered users decided who deserved a contract. And behold: the victory didn't go to 'that cute boy with his romantic reggaeton' or 'that hot chick with the fake rock attitude' - an unknown indie-pop band from Costa Rica called Le*Pop won the contest on pure quality. In any case, a band that cites Fisherspooner, CSS, Hot Chip and Gustavo Cerati as their influences can't do anything wrong in my eyes!

Debut single "No Tengo Calma" is infectious and energetic. Lead singer Stella Peralta combines a poppy voice with rock maturity. Indie electro-rock from the top shelf. Yes, there was obviously a big production team behind this (their MySpace and website are quite too hip for a debuting band as well) but you can't deny the quality of the song, which is sparked with the honesty and enthousiasm of a starting band. I even like the crisp-clean mix, it kinda fits with their overall sound.

Other songs on their album Bendita Televisor put forward a more commercial electro-pop sound, still a clarity and purity makes them stand out among similar bands (Miranda, Belanova). I predict them a great future in Latin American charts, and lets hope their songs keep the same vibe!

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Tiffany Maldonado said...

yes, I really wish that MTV would play more music and show more music videos. I'm not so sure about the spanish version, but I know that the Dutch Version of MTV plays plenty of videos. It was nice to see.My Fashion Blog

Chapín said...

well, I have Dutch MTV at home, and they do play music videos - from 1 AM till 8 AM.